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Treatment, Waste Water & Recycling

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STEINHAUS Wire eyelet link belt of Group 800

Wire eyelet link belts

This type of belt is used in drying, cooling, washing and dewatering installations, e.g. in the beverage industry and for filter installations.

STEINHAUS perforated plates

Perforated Plates

STEINHAUS supplies micro-perforated plates in the form of sheets and as segments of all kinds in dimensions of up to 1000 x 1000 mm, and thicknesses of 0.07 to 0.75 mm.

Polyurethane Screens & Accessories

Wide range of options

STEINHAUS polyurethane screens have for many years been regarded as the epitome of reliability and a long service life. We offer screen panels in the widest possible range of designs.

STEINHAUS Polyurethane frame screen field

Polyurethane Frame Screens

Polyurethane frame screens are bolted to the machine or connected by means of wedges so that there is no vibration.

MULTOTEC Spiral Concentrators

Spiral Concentrators

The proven technology sorts different materials according to their density using the centrifugal flow.

STEINHAUS LuCoTec Air Spring System

LuCoTec Airspring Systems

The (R)Evolution in Screening! With our innovative complete system consisting of air bellows, controls and other components, we optimally isolate every screening machine from the steel construction.

STEINHAUS OPTIMA industrial filter media - shaped filters

Shaped Filters

Wir fertigen Formfilter in allen möglichen Formen, Geometrien und Blechdicken nach individuellen Kundenwünschen. Von Prototypen bis hin zur Großserie und aus allen gängigen Materialien.


Plain screens & wedge wire panels

OPTIMA slotted wedge wire screens are used mainly for solids/liquids separation in a virtually unlimited range of situations. These can be dewatering pipes, filter cartridges, screen baskets, filter drums or centrifuge screen

STEINHAUS OPTIMA high precision filter tubes

High Precision Filter Tubes

OPTIMA spiral cylinders are produced with diameters up to 1,022 mm. OPTIMA precision filters, on the other hand, cover a range from 23 mm to 305 mm.

STEINHAUS OPTIMA Centrifuge Basket

Centrifuge Baskets

OPTIMA slotted screen baskets are produced using a qualitatively demanding process to give a high degree of fitting accuracy for the best possible separating performance.


KOMBIPLAST® modular screens

KOMBIPLAST® modular screen panels are made from highly wear-resistant polyurethane and can be produced using the modular design principle as a screen or a solid component.


UNI 2000 modular screens

UNI 2000 system screen panels made from highly wear-resistant polyurethane are standardised modules using the modular design principle with component dimensions covering widths of 100 - 400 mm and lengths of up to 1000 mm.

Polyurethane Screens & Accessories

Polyurethane accessories

STEINHAUS screen panel accessories made from polyurethane, plastic or steel are an ideal supplement to ensure the best possible use of our screen panels.


Wire cloth, self-cleaning

Screen panels with excellent self-cleaning effect.

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