KOMBIPLAST® modular screens

KOMBIPLAST – the Classic

KOMBIPLAST® has been our tried and tested system screen panel since 1976. It is attached to the screening machine by means of an expansion anchor system without an adapter strip.

Especially in the steel industry, where highly wear-resistant sheets with a thickness of up to 15 mm are used, they usually rely on this system, which has stood the test of time for more than 40 years.

Assembly & support structure

Components are fitted into the support structure effortlessly. The fixing pins, which connect the screen panel with the screening machine so that there is no vibration, are then driven in. To remove a screen panel, the inner section of the fixing pin can be knocked out with a punch. The expansion anchor will thus be released and the screen panel can be demounted without any effort.

An L-profile with a drill hole every 150 mm (or, for particularly heavy uses, every 75 mm) is used as a support structure.

Side fastening / Side wear guard

Side fastening is made by a traditional method with a wedge strip and wedges. Alternatively, narrow edge strips can be fitted using the push-fit system; this means that when changing the screens there is no need to demount the wedge strips.

Benefits and special options

Instead of fixing pins, stop bars or deflector pins can simply be fitted on the half-anchor grid. With an anchor peg spacing of 75 mm, even 15 mm thick perforated sheets can be securely fastened.
The screens can be stacked in the storage area securely and using a minimum of space.

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