Plastic Conveyor Rollers & Polyurethane Support Rings

Steinhaus Plastic Conveyor Rollers & Polyurethane Support Rings protect your conveyor belts and ensure greater economic efficiency.

The use of rings made from our highly wear-resistant polyurethane, in combination with special rollers, means that our idlers achieve optimum service life. An increase in service life by a factor of 3 to 5 as compared with standard rollers is not unusual.

Our idlers have a polyethylene wheel tread. In contrast to rollers made from steel, our rollers will not become “razor sharp” in case of a defect, so they will not damage your belt. In addition, their special geometry reduces the likelihood of the rollers jamming.

You will find detailed product information in our technical datasheet.

Polyurethane Support Rings

  • Much longer service life than with classic rings made from rubber
  • The rings will keep their shape even when worn and the belt will not begin to whip about destructively.
  • Side guard plates guide the belt securely and protect the belt and the frame
  • The side guard plates can be recycled
  • Clever positioning of the B-rings prevents the belt from bending
  • Wall thickness of roller approx. 2.9 mm
  • Double labyrinth seal with grease filling
  • Additional splash protection cap including felt ring seal
  • Premium bearing from renowned manufacturers

Plastic Conveyor Rollers

  • Polyethylene roller bodies with 12 mm wall thickness
  • Steel shaft with deep groove ball bearing and labyrinth seal
  • Labyrinth seal ensures long service life because of its thick walls
  • Worn polyethylene rollers are less likely to cut the belt
  • Lower weight makes handling easier
  • Reasonably priced

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