Textile Filters

Textile Filters are, in many industrial fields – even with the finest impurities – excellently suitable for cost-effective separation of pollutants, or recovery of recyclable material from liquids and gases in existing filter and dust removal systems.
For example, as filter hoses for filtering absorbers in steel and cement works, in mining, in chemical industry, in food and animal food production, and in a host of other applications. Or in wet or dry filtration as filter bags and filter cloths, or as filter mats made of nonwoven fabric for air purification.
In our workshop´s warehouse, we stock a wide range of material qualities made of natural and synthetic fibres as well as textiles and needle felt; varying in weight and air permeability, as well as in resistance to thermal and chemical influences.
Selection of the particular material quality always depends on the kind of dust to be filtered as well as on the mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements.
The performance capacity of textile filters results from the load per surface unit, the degree of separation, cleaning efficiency and service life.


We manufacture and supply filter bags, multi-bags and cassette filters for all common manufacturers or also customised according to your drawings or samples.

Finishing and refinement processes

After completion of the raw felt comes finishing or refinement to attain certain physical or chemical properties.
This occurs, on the one hand, to obtain improved filtration properties, and, on the other, to attain longer operational life times.
An entire spectrum of powerful and practice-tested equipment is made available for filter media, customised for any filtration or processing problem.


The most important kinds of refinement include:

Calendering, thermosetting, singeing, water and oilrepelling impregnation, dirt-repellent, antistatic or flame-retarding finishing, acid and hydrolysis protection
finish (especially for polyester and aramide), PTFE coating, powder and foam coating, membrane hoses.

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Further products
STEINHAUS OPTIMA industrial filter media - shaped filters

Shaped Filters

Wir fertigen Formfilter in allen möglichen Formen, Geometrien und Blechdicken nach individuellen Kundenwünschen. Von Prototypen bis hin zur Großserie und aus allen gängigen Materialien.

STEINHAUS OPTIMA high precision filter tubes

High Precision Filter Tubes

OPTIMA spiral cylinders are produced with diameters up to 1,022 mm. OPTIMA precision filters, on the other hand, cover a range from 23 mm to 305 mm.

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