Wire belts for blasting

For decades STEINHAUS GmbH has been distributing wire belts for blasting plants worldwide and to the great satisfaction of our customers.

Wire belt blasting machines are flexible in use. The fact that the workpieces can be blasted simultaneously from above and below increases the variety of the workpieces to be processed considerably.
Our wire belts are used, among other things, for descaling, deburring and cleaning of castings and laser cut parts.

The specifications of the belts can be individually adapted to your requirements. We recommend spring steel or manganese steel as material, as these have proven themselves over the years.

More detailed information about this belt type can be found here.

Or configure your wire belt directly here.

Further highlights
Drahtgurte für Strahlanlagen - drei Bilder, eines von Strahlteilen, eines von einer Strahlanlage und eines vom Drahtgurt

Wire belts for blasting

Our wire belts are used in blasting plants for descaling, deburring and cleaning of castings and laser cut parts. The specifications of the belts can be individually adapted to your requirements.

Gurtführung in Tunnelöfen

Belt Tracking In Tunnel Ovens

When operating a tunnel oven the issue of proper belt tracking will always be on the agenda and of greatest importance for a good, smooth and trouble free oven operation.

Rolled baking oven belt - 1850 mm width

Rolled baking oven belts – a width record

After a successful test last year, STEINHAUS GmbH received an order for a rolled baking belt type F4015 (Z47R) with a width of 1850 mm in the first half of 2020.


Johanniter call for donations

The STEINHAUS company is already using the existing 3D printer to manufacture these parts to support the important work of the aid organization. If you also want to and can donate, you can find further details here.

Filternäherei STEINHAUS

To protect our employees

STEINHAUS GmbH has been known to our customers for decades as a supplier of industrial filters. Now we are using the in-house sewing facility for textile filters for our own needs for the first time.

Solids verschoben!

Solids 2020 – Postponed!

SOLIDS Dortmund 2021 | 17 & 25 March
10th trade fair for granulate, powder and bulk solids technologies

STEINHAUS LuCoTec Air Spring System

LuCoTec becomes STEINHAUS

From the first of January 2020 STEINHAUS and our subsidiary LuCoTec will become one company.

STEINHAUS new website

A brand new look!

We have given our website a makeover, so as to make it more user-friendly and informative for our visitors. Here’s a brief overview of some of the new features.

STEINHAUS Rolled Baking Oven Belts

Tunnel Oven Belts: Especially Z-Belts and Their Use

The rolled baking oven belt, also known in the market as Z-belt, has become the belt type for baking tunnel ovens with the greatest flexibility.


The best way of cleaning a belt is to avoid getting dirty

As a supplier of wire mesh belts, it always arrives the very same question, "Dear supplier, what is the best way to clean our tunnel oven belt?"


Bauma 2019

With over 620,000 visitors from more than 200 countries, Bauma 2019 achieved the best result of its 65-year history.

STEINHAUS star-shape distributor

Customised items produced to customer specifications

Not every operational use of our OPTIMA wedge wire filter fits the standard design so that it can be satisfactorily addressed with standard products.

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