LuCoTec Airspring Systems

The (R)Evolution in Screening! With our innovative complete system consisting of air bellows, controls and other components, we optimally isolate every screening machine from the steel construction. This can mean for you, among other things:

  • Protection / Increased lifetime of screening machines
  • Energy saving or more production
  • Calmed structural steelwork / less damage
  • Reduced Noise Emission
  • Rarer and easier maintenance
  • Increased work safety

Increased lifetime of screening machines

Within the steel construction of a screening machine usually various other aggregates as pumps, conveyor belts, log washers, etc. are in the perimeter. These units also emit vibrations set a steel construction in motion. Such external influences frequently lead to damage and premature failure of the screening machine. Due to the air suspension, the screening machine is optimally decoupled from the steel construction, disturbing external influences can no longer damage the screening machine.

5 - 10% energy saving

The reduction of lost energy through vibrations in the substructure results in an increased amplitude.
If the increased amplitude is not used for a performance/production increase, one may scale back the centrifugal weights. This will result in a reduced current consumption by approx. 5-10% (up to 40% have been achieved max).

Improved durability for bearings

When the centrifugal weights are reduced to maintain the amplitude, another positive effect aside the reduced energy consumption is noticeable:
The bearings of the screening machine are less loaded and achive a higher durability.

Calmed structural steelwork

The vibration transfer from the screening machine to the steel construction is considerably lower compared to conventional steel springs.
Vibrations in steel construction will be reduced effectively and damages prevented.

Reduced Noise Emission

The ‚rattling‘ of conventional springs disappears. In addition the smoother running and reduced vibrations in the steel structure cause a noticabel noise reduction.

Higher production quantity / improved screening result

As less energy is lost within the structure, the amplitude of the screening machine is increased.
This produces a superior screening result and an increased production throughput, considering the approved acceleration by the fabricator.
By this method, an increase in turnover by €44.000,-/month was verified.

Maintenance friendly

The lifetime of the airspring bellows is designed as a 7 years cycle.
A change of a bellow can be easily done; after deflating the bellows the screening machine rests on the passive buffers. In opposite to steel springs the bellows can be changed without any lifting gear within a few minutes.

Workplace Safety

The danger of crushing, especially when the machines shut down, is eliminated.
Employer’s liability insurance often demands a surrounding for the springs to avoid accidents; this maintenance-unfriendly demand is no longer required.
The reduction of the vibration transmission is reducing the noise emission, improving the quality and safety of the workplace noticeable.

Constant Screening Result

In opposite to conventional steel springs or rubber springs, the airsprings never wear out from fatigue.
This feature guarantees a constant screening result over the years, in addition to the capital saved.


The airspings can change the inclination of the screen by several angular degree. By this the screening machine can be adapted easily to changes in the bulk material.

Smart Control

Every set of airsprings is optionally equiped with an intelligent sensor system.
The sensor system adjusts the machine fully automatically to changing parameters, either in the process or environmental.
As an example, the airspring can adjust itself to a wavering ship, scaling the screen.
Variations in the bulk can be automatically leveled by the inclination and pressure adjustment

Operational Safety

Our in-house developed control system prevents the screening machine to move crossways to the flow direction.
Destrucitve transverse forces, which will lead to a fracture in the sidewalls are effectively prevented.

Full Refund

On condition that the installation has been executed by our specialists, a full 4 week refund is granted on original equipment..

Results in daily practice

The diagramm shows the vertically occuring forces transferred from a spring point to the substructure.

Image 1 Conventional Steel Springs: Applied forces of a screening machine with steel springs.

Image 2 STEINHAUS Airsprings: Same machine after assembly of STEINHAUS airsprings.



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