Honeycomb belts

Honeycomb belts of Group 1000

The Honeycomb belt is made of horizontal trapezoidially corrugated honey-comb elements with smooth crossrods; welded, bent or brazed edges

This belt type is used for glass cooling, baking and roasting ovens as well as for briquette cooling, veneer and cardboard drying. They are manufactured up to a width of 5,000 mm and withstand temperatures of -100 ° C to 600 ° C.

Honeycomb lateral pitch: 31 to 43,5 mm
Honeycomb longitudinal pitch: 25 to 30 mm
Sheet sizes: 10×1,2; 12×1,2; 15×1,5 mm
Crossrods: 2,5 mm to 5,0 mm Ø


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