STEINHAUS MLock the revolutionary screen system – Steel mill installation

Screening machines are an indispensable part of many industrial applications, from food processing to heavy industry, where the quality of the screening surfaces is particularly important.

Based on our many years of experience in the manufacture of polyurethane screening surfaces, STEINHAUS has recently introduced a revolutionary advance in screening technology: the STEINHAUS MLock.

The Revolution: STEINHAUS MLock

The STEINHAUS MLock is the world’s first magnet-based system screen panel that is self-centering in all three dimensions. This innovation has several advantages for you:

Fast installation

Thanks to the extraordinary magnetic force of the STEINHAUS MLock system, installation can be done in a very short time, as shown in the video. The magnets automatically pull the mesh into the correct position along the positioning cams, saving time and money.

Installation from below

STEINHAUS MLock can also be installed from below. This feature allows for quick, easy and safe installation, even in inaccessible locations. In order to meet the requirements of the new EN 1009-4 standard, many conventional system screens have to be built significantly higher. Since STEINHAUS MLock can be installed from below, this requirement is usually not necessary.


The valuable magnets are permanently and cost-effectively integrated into the adapter strip of the STEINHAUS MLock system and do not have to be replaced with the screen lining. Wear and corrosion of the screening machine’s longitudinal beams therefore have no effect on the fixing of the screen components.

Fast installation, high performance: That’s STEINHAUS MLock! Experience the conversion up close: It’s never been easier!

Would you like to see how easy it is to retrofit a screening machine with the STEINHAUS MLock system? Take a look at our video showing the conversion of an existing screening machine in a steel mill for sinter screening.


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There is no easier, safer or faster way to install screen panels.

Experience the future of screening with the STEINHAUS MLock. Contact us today and take your screening machine to the next level.


Customers are delighted

Our customers are enthusiastic about the quick installation of the MLock system, even in hard-to-reach places.

STEINHAUS: Your Reliable Partner for Premium Screens

With more than a century of experience, STEINHAUS has earned an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality screens. We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and developing innovative solutions for the processing of bulk materials. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency and performance of screening machines. Rely on STEINHAUS, your experts in screening technology.

Further highlights
STEINHAUS MLock magnetbasierte Systemsiebe können auch von unten eingebaut werden

STEINHAUS MLock the revolutionary screen system – Steel mill installation

The STEINHAUS MLock is the world's first magnet-based system screen panel that is self-centering in all three dimensions.

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STEINHAUS MLock - der weltweit erste selbstzentrierende magnetbasierte Systemsiebbelag


STEINHAUS has always been one of the pioneers in the field of polyurethane screen panels.
With STEINHAUS MLock - the world's first self-centering magnet-based system screen, we are taking the next step.

100 Jahre Firmenjubläum - STEINHAUS Produkte, Cupcake und eine goldene 100 auf einem Schreibtisch, dahinter ist ein Feuerwerk

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